XenaCast Episode 37

Date Apr 20, 2014

In this show, I've decided to go back to reviewing two episodes. At the rate I was going it will take me years to get done! 

In this show I review episodes 7 and 8 of Season 4. 

Episodes Reviewed: 

  • Locked Up and Tied Down 
    First aired: November 9, 1998 
    Written by: Hilary Bader 
    Directed by: Rick Jacobson 
  • Crusader 
    First aired: November 16, 1998 
    Written by: R.J. Stewart 
    Directed by: Paul Lynch 

Xenaverse News: 

Pop over to the Facebook page and let's chat about Lucy in Chicago!


XenaCast Episode 36

Date Aug 25, 2013

This is a short episode but I hope you enjoy. 

Our kitties are doing great and have made huge strides when it comes to strangers in the house. It's so nice to have pets again! 

In this show I review episode 6 of Season 4. 

Episodes Reviewed: 

    First aired: November 2, 1998 
    Written by: Gillian Horvath 
    Directed by: Michael Hurst 

Xenaverse News: 

Tickets to the upcoming Auckland Theatre Company's production of Chicago, directed by Michael Hurst and starring Lucy as Velma Kelly, can be found on the Q Theatre website. 


XenaCast Episode 35

Date Mar 16, 2013

This episode is a little later in coming than I anticipated before the holidays, but here it is nonetheless.

Linda Nunn's website can be found at Animal Rehoming. Please help her out by donating to her efforts. 

I have kitties again! Everyone, meet Asha'man and Egwene. 

In this show I review episode 5 of Season 4.  

Episodes Reviewed: 

    First aired: October 26, 1998 
    Written by: Steven L. Sears 
    Directed by: Rick Jacobson 


XenaCast Episode 34

Date Dec 12, 2012

This episode is a commentary with Nutty. We recorded it several years ago and I apologize for the volume level issues between the original recording and my additions. I hope you enjoy it and until next time, happy holidays and battle on! 

In this show Nutty and I review episode 4 of Season 4. 

Episodes Reviewed: 

    First aired: October 19, 1998 
    Written by: Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster 
    Directed by: Josh Becker 


XenaCast Episode 33

Date Nov 9, 2012

It has taken a little longer than I wanted, but here is the next episode. 

Remember to spread the word via Twitter and Facebook that XenaCast is back! 

In this show I review episode 3 of Season 4. 

Episodes Reviewed: 

    First aired: October 12, 1998 
    Written by: Liz Friedman and Chris Manheim 
    Directed by: Doug Lefler